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Use FTDI JTAG in Linux (Ubuntu) operating system


  • Download the file, which is attached at the end. Move the file to the

folder (20.0 means the Quartus version, modify it with your own Quartus’ version).

  • Create a new file called 51-usbblaster.rules as root. The path should be

Store information about FTDI JTAG. For example, if your JTAG is FTDI 2232, then type the below inside 51-usbblaster.rules . See Figure 1 and Figure 2 for more information.

SUBSYSTEM == "usb", ENV {DEVTYPE} == "usb_device", ATTR {idVendor} == "0403", ATTR {idProduct} == "6010", MODE = "0666"

Figure 1 Create 51-usbblaster.rules as root


Figure 2 51-usbblaster.rules

  • Connect the FII-PRA006 FPGA board with your PC.
  • Type
$ lsusb

check whether it detects ID 0403: 6010 device

  • Ubuntu Linux would regard FTDI devices as serial ports by default, so FTDI channel 0 and FTDI channel 1 should be separated. According to the schematics, FTDI channel 0 is the JTAG, while FTDI channel 1 is the serial port, which means FTDI channel 0 should be unbound from serial port without affecting FTDI channel 1’s serial port binding. The steps are as follows:
    • Type
$ sudo dmesg | grep -i ftdi_sio 

to get FTDI driver information

    • In Figure 3, 1-3:1.0 is the FTDI channel 0, and the 1-3:1.1 is the FTDI channel 1.

Figure 3 FTDI driver information

    • Follow the below steps to switch to the root user.
      • Type
$ su root

make sure your password is correct, then you can switch to root account. If root user has not been set up yet, type $ sudo passwd root to set, as shown in Figure 4.

Figure 4 Set up root user password

    • Under root user, according to FTDI channel 0 driver ID 1-3:1.0 ( see the above Figure 3 ), type
 # echo -n “1-3:1.0” > /sys/bus/usb/drivers/ftdi_sio/unbind 

to unbind FTDI channel 0 and serial driver, as shown in Figure 5.

Figure 5 Unbind FTDI channel 0 and serial driver

    • Retype
$ sudo dmesg | grep -i ftdi_sio 

to recheck the JTAG driver information. As shown in Figure 6, ttyUSB0 (FTDI channel 0) are disconnected.

Figure 6 FTDI channel 0 is disconnected with ttyUSB0/ serial driver

  • Kill the built-in Intel JTAG daemon.
$ sudo killall -9 jtagd

$ sudo ./jtagd --user-start --config /home/dev/.jtagd.conf
  • After finished all the steps above, check with typing

MBFTDI-Blaster (JTAG) pops up, as shown in Figure 7.

Figure 7 Detect MBFTDI-Blaster

Attention: all the steps should be repeated every time after your PC powers off or JTAG is disconnected.




“Программатор MBFTDI для Altera Quartus Prime, работающего в Ubuntu Linux,” (accessed Oct. 06, 2021).
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