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Using WinSCP to Transfer Files Between Windows and Linux

This article talks about how to use WinSCP to transfer files between Windows and Ubuntu.

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So far, we have dealt with transferring files using nothing but the command line Terminal with a text-based interface. WinSCP provides a graphical interface that is easier to see and control. First, we would need to download WinSCP. We can do so at

After downloading and opening WinSCP, you should see the following:

Make sure you enter everything correctly. Namely the Host name, User name, as well as Password. In this case we will be loading into the system with the user named root which we used in the two previous sections.

Next, press Login to initiate the connection. If you get a warning message with the option to update, please choose to update.

You should be able to see your Windows files on one side, and the Linux files on the other.

We can access the Home folder to verify if the files that we copied earlier are there.

As we can see, they are indeed there.

We can proceed to copy and edit files from one side to the other freely. We will demonstrate this by copying over the test and scptest files from Linux to Windows. We can simply do this by selecting the two files from Linux on the right side, and dragging it over to Windows on the left side.

Note that we can also freely add files to Linux and be able to modify files in any way as well.

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